How May We Help YOU Today to increase the quality of your life?

One on One Coaching

Do you need a guide to walk with you to create a plan and figure out how to overcome obstacles that get in the way of living a life of joyful aliveness?

Clay and Sonja's gifts of empathy and fortitude balance allow them to walk with you and create and implement your best life.

Their 15 years of experience helping over 1000 clients, will bring you proven tools to change your life.



In our 36 years together, we know marriage provides the most excitement and the most challenge -- often at the same time.

Using the new advances in relationship technology we love to walk with couples in  learning to have the marriage of their dreams. We work with  couples individually and through a Safe Conversations Workshop.



13419078_10208281884398535_7334434611316918254_nClay and Sonja Arnold have a passion to walk with people and help them create the life they really want. Our desire is to help you have peace with the past, power in the present and passion for the future.

Our life together the past 36 years has been unique and diverse. Whether training a non-profit agency, teaching a workshop, helping couples connect emotionally and sexually, or helping an individually scramble the habits of the past and getting emotional clarity, we want you to thrive and be empowered.


Appointments are available via Skype, phone or in person. Contact us at, 817-877-6637 or outside the U.S. 001-817-877-6637.